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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Donors to GOP: No Cash Until Action on Health Care, Taxes

At least one influential donor has informed congressional Republicans that the "Dallas piggy bank" is closed until he sees major action on health care and taxes.

Texas-based donor Doug Deason has already refused to host a fundraiser for two members of Congress and informed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., his checkbook is closed as well.

"Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed," Deason said in a pointed message to GOP leaders. "You control the Senate. You control the House. You have the presidency. There's no reason you can't get this done. Get it done and we'll open it back up."

Indeed, there was a sense of frustration and urgency inside the private receptions and closed-door briefings at the Koch brothers' donor retreat this weekend in Colorado Springs, where the billionaire conservatives and their chief lieutenants warned of a rapidly shrinking window to push their agenda through Congress and get legislation to President Donald Trump to sign into law.

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Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for weeks on here and get called all kinds of names. Maybe now you will realize nothing is getting done except executive orders. Time to do what Reagan did and make things happen.

Concerned Retiree said...

This proves the Republicans are not interested in repealing and replacing. With donors withdrawing money proves my point I have been stating, Republicans have no balls and are allowing the "buuly" DemocRATS control them. This is another example of a career Politian representing themselves financially and not representing the people.
I predict the Republicans loosing drastically in the next two elections. Republicans will be out of all control and the DumbocRATs will be in control of all three branches again.

Anonymous said...

11:09 I hate to even think about it but if they don't act real soon they will lose and the backlash against them will be a shot heard around the world.