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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bokhari: The Left Has Embraced Hate Speech — but Won’t Admit It

There is a word to describe speech that welcomes the death of “old conservative white men,” gleefully mimics the murder of a President, and cheers the shooting of Republicans. It’s a word invented by the left: hate speech.

“Let them f***ing die” was the response of Johnny Eric Williams, a professor at Trinity College, to the Congressional baseball shooting earlier this month. Attacking “white/cisgender/heterosexuals,” the professor wrote that “the time is now to confront these inhuman a*sholes and end this now.”

Meanwhile, on social media, New Jersey Democratic strategist James Devine created the hashtag “#HuntRepublicanCongressmen,” stating that we are “in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people” and that it shouldn’t be a “shock” if “things turn violent.” He has yet to retract his statements or apologize.

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Unknown said...

Dems always accuses others of exactly the thing they themselves are doing, at least that's my take of what they do.

They accuse Trump of colluding with Russia to alter our election. The DEMS colluded with the MSM and the DNC to keep Killary ahead of Bernie Sanders and win the nomination.

The DEMS also colluded with then President Obama to secure Killary's nomination for POTUS.

The DEMS colluded with BLM to disrupt, attack and embarrass Trump's supporters. (which they then tried to blame Trump and his campaign for the very actions the DEMS were doing.

So, in my opinion, any time the DEMS or DNC accuse anyone of anything, it would be wise to look at them very carefully to see exactly what they are doing.