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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why coffee is the best treatment for chronic pain

Coffee is far better treatment for chronic pain than over-the-counter pills, new research shows.

Feeling tired drastically increases pain sensitivity, the study found.

To counteract that, scientists from Boston Children's Hospital gave exhausted lab mice either painkillers, coffee or more time asleep.

They found the most wide-awake mice - after a jolt of caffeine or a long sleep - were more impervious to pain than those on painkillers.

In the caffeine-drinking mice, they saw a rush of dopamine to the brain's pleasure center, which alleviated their feelings of pain.



Anonymous said...

SH$T on this'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey works twice as good.

Anonymous said...

What pot cure Alzheimer and coffe pain? cure all for allot more then big pharma can provide. And look no sucidial side effects. Stand by for the anti coffe and anti pot lobbies to start bitching to lawmakers