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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

US Airlines collected $4.2B in Baggage Fees Last Year

Airline passengers paid about $1 million more a day in baggage fees last year, according to figures released by the Department of Transportation Tuesday.

Baggage fees collected across the 25 largest U.S. airlines in 2016 totaled $4.2 billion, up 10% from 2015.

Not all fees climbed last year -- fees collected for changing a reservation actually fell by 4% to $2.9 billion.



Anonymous said...

It would almost be cheaper to overnight your luggage by commercial carrier.

Anonymous said...

All that money and they have to overbook flights.

Anonymous said...

It should be ILLEGAL to charge these damn fees !!!

It should have been Nipped in the Bud back when it got
started ..... It has Always been included IN the TICKET
before they have gotten away with charging for it separately
as PaRT OF THE TICKET.......You were paying for

They are just charging YOU TWICE for the same thing YOU were
ALready Paying for ...and Americans are stupid enough to let them get away with it ........!!!!! Stupid

Gov't should do something about it NOW > Plus they get
cheaper Fuel and yet Don't reduce Your ticket price !!!

Anonymous said...

Over Booking Fights should be ILLEGAL too
It is NOT right that they can RUIN your trip plans !!!

When you plan for an expensive trip, esp incl Cruises ,
they should have to Pay you Back for All of it if they dare
Bump you or any of your party !!!!

Even then , you are still screwed , since your Time off
from work and your others in your party, and other factors
are involved !!!!

Anonymous said...

Next ...they charge you for the Air You Breath on the plane

Canisters will be handed out at a "cost" not free of course

So take some extra cash !!