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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Breaking News: The health care bill is headed to a House vote on Thursday. "We have enough votes," the majority leader said.

House Republican leaders planned to hold a high-stakes vote Thursday on their bill to repeal and replace large portions of the Affordable Care Act after adding $8 billion to the measure to help cover insurance costs for people with pre-existing conditions.

The amendment, drafted by Representative Fred Upton of Michigan, secured the support of Mr. Upton and of Representative Billy Long of Missouri, two key Republican lawmakers who had come out against the health care legislation earlier this week, warning that it did not do enough to protect the sick.


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Anonymous said...

Say bye bye to pre existing conditions coverage. You shorebillies that get cancer from smoking won't be able to get insurance after you get sick.

Anonymous said...

But atleast people will have some insurance under your BOY OBAMA it was collapsing and completly failing something is better than NOTHING SNOWFLAKE