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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Cheap foreign labor to flood workforce after spending bill doubles number of visas

Congress tucked a sweetheart deal for America's vacation resorts and other seasonal employers into the massive spending bill announced Monday, paving the way for the administration to more than double the number of temporary visas to foreign workers this year and “flooding the labor force” with cheap competition for jobs.

Lawmakers also agreed to make the first down payment on President Trump’s deportation force but stymied most of the rest of his immigration plans in the 2017 spending bill, including denying him any money to begin building his signature border wall.

Those moves had been telegraphed before, but the boost in H-2B visas was a surprise to analysts and drew immediate condemnation from Trump backers, who said Congress was undermining the president’s vow to protect American workers from foreign competitors.

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Anonymous said...

Another reason that the senators should vote against this bill - and the president should veto it if it gets to his desk!

This is NOT the will of the people!

Anonymous said...

Why should American's work when they can make more by waiting for the monthly welfare benefits. Cut their free loader benefits and they will work (or rob) when they are hungry enough.

Anonymous said...

Don't go to the grocery in OC this summer because they cannot understand you or talk to you. Putin will be happy!!

Jim said...

Drain the stinkin' swamp!


Anonymous said...

Sickening we are being destroyed from within by our useless sellouts leaders. Pichfork and sickle time is getting near.

Anonymous said...

MAGA! lol