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Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Lawsuit Alleges Baylor Players Gang-Raped Women As 'Bonding Experience'

A new federal lawsuit against Baylor University accuses football players of drugging and gang-raping young women as part of a hazing or bonding ritual — and the university of failing to investigate the pervasive sexual assault.

The players often took photographs and videos as they carried out the gang rapes, the suit alleges. It was filed by "Jane Doe," who says she was raped by four to eight Baylor players in February 2012. Her Title IX suit says the school's "deliberately indifferent response" effectively denied her educational opportunities.

The suit also describes dogfighting at football parties and burglaries carried out by football players, without consequence.

The alleged assaults and other criminal activities took place during former head football coach Art Briles' tenure at the school in Waco, Texas.



Anonymous said...

Football is so rewarding and produces such fine young adults.

Shadow said...

Football has nothing to do with this 3:29- get your head out of your a$$

Anonymous said...

Football is a fraternity for adolescent thugs to become abusive men in most cases. Look at the number of pros that abuse women.

Anonymous said...

@4:18 get your head outta your A**!! football has everything to do with it. A bunch of Jugheads that gave been coddled since high school because, wait a minute I got, DA give me DA ball coach, I plays feetsball. A bunch of kids that think they are above all others rules because they've been given preferential treatment. The real problem is they haven't come across the right father that's willing to take things upon himself to seek retribution. F*** these clowns and what they stand for. Case in point Ben Tate playing for Stephen Decatur high school spits in a young lady trainers' face because she didn't stop helping another player when he came to the sidelines. He continued to show the same ignorance in Cleveland now he's found the lord playing in spring league begging for another shot

Anonymous said...

NFL has more convicted Felons in it than our local jail!

Anonymous said...

Bull. Get your head out of the sand & Educate yourself.

Anonymous said...

dont talk about my boy benny tate