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Thursday, May 18, 2017

2015 animal cruelty case in Md. ends with puppy siblings reunited, thriving

Editor’s note: Some details in this story might be too disturbing for some readers.

WASHINGTON — A particularly disturbing 2015 case of animal cruelty ended on a heartwarming note Wednesday.

James Edward Jones, 31, was sentenced to six months in jail for strangling two 6-week-old puppies on a street in Silver Spring, Maryland.

As for the puppies, they have since recovered and, years later, are thriving in their new forever homes.

Police dashcam video shows what witnesses saw that night in 2015, when a Montgomery County man appeared to strangle these puppies.



Anonymous said...

Torturing animals is usually the pre-cursor for worse crimes. Should have made an example out of him.

Anonymous said...

I call ba on what he said he was smoking. My bet is that is was s
Synthetic pot was will make you go crazy.

Anonymous said...

6 months????? wth what if it was a 6 month old child