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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Viewer Writes: The Main Stream Media Should've Given You Credit

You should tell the AP to stop stealing your articles. You posted this story on May 6th.....the OCtoday picked it up on the 12th....... DT also did an article about it on the 11th.


Anonymous said...

Consider that a compliment! Even the media on the western shore is reading Sbynews!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

2:26 you probably would be upset, too, if you bought an item and were told nothing about paying more in the future and then be told the news what OC has told the bench owners. They were pretty pricey to buy!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers already pay for these benches. This is a fleece job by OC. It's corruption at its finest. You people really not smart enough to see this? Of course, it's national news. OC City Hall better think long and hard about their actions.

Anonymous said...

226 here. So sue the city. Sue them beyond belief. The OC Taxpayers already pay for these maintenance items. OC government is fleecing people, preying on their dead loved ones' memories. You can't get more sub-human than that. So SUE THEM!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the benches they SOLD at the Convention center. That's a planned future revenue source.

For now, please crawl back into your condo, keep paying the town taxes, and agree when new taxes come up. The Council sees most of you as ugly visitors anyway.

Anonymous said...

A Few corrections my friend@2:00
1. SBYNews posting was on May 7th -(not 6th) and was "A viewer wrote"- concerning a bill recently received for over $1,100.00 for bench maintenance. It was a comment made by one anonymous person, not a Breaking News Item.

2. OC Today covered the story on May 12th. OC Today is a weekly newspaper so it was impossible for the paper to cover the story sooner if their original source was SBYNews. OC Today handled it as a news story - speaking to and quoting several sources to present facts - from shocked persons receiving a "bill" to the City Manager and a council member. I noted the bill was actually a letter about bench maintenance and had three options.

3. The Daily Times article also spoke of persons receiving letters with options plus also interviewed some town officials.

IMO too many times we do not get "all" the story. We are only fooling ourselves when thinking one person's view of events is news. I learned many, many years ago a one sided story is never the whole story or the whole truth. What do you think MSM should give SBYNews credit for?