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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dissolving the dead A radical alternative to burial and cremation

For decades, most people arranging a funeral have faced a simple choice - burial or cremation?

But in parts of the US and Canada a third option is now available - dissolving bodies in an alkaline solution.
It will arrive in the UK soon.

Its technical name is alkaline hydrolysis, but it is being marketed as “green cremation”.



Anonymous said...

soylent green

Anonymous said...

The body is a vessel for the soul. When you die, I believe you leave your body and all that is left is the shell. Funerals and burials are for the living as a way for copping. May sound cruel, but in a few generations, that person will most likely be forgotten when the last person who knew them also dies.
The idea makes sense. Two of my relatives recently died and were cremated.
We still had a memorial service for them and the urn is with the family. My Aunt wished to have her ashes spread at sea. I plan to have mine spread on the land I have loved and taken care most of my life. I like the idea of having a tree planted in the name of the deceased as a living memorial.

I did this on my property when my children were born and when our grandparents died. I like the idea of giving back to the earth, rather than taking more from it.

Anonymous said...

NEED to care more about LIVING than dying. Cuz once you are DEAD it doesn't matter anymore!


LadyLiddy said...

This would be a perfectly acceptable choice for me. My children already have been advised that a call needs to be made immediately at my death, as I have already made arrangements to donate my body to science. This gives students a chance to learn on a real cadaver and my loved ones will receive my ashes once my body is finished being worked with. I have no objection to them receiving my pulverized bones either. Whatever works. Everybody wins!

Anonymous said...

Lets see it done on Hillary!

Anonymous said...

I think it's happening as we watch with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.