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Saturday, May 13, 2017

After Bringing Fans to Stands in Droves, Mets Considering Promoting Tim Tebow to AA Ball

After becoming one of the Columbia Fireflies best fan draws, former NFL quarterback and now single-A baseball player Tim Tebow may be in line for a promotion, according to sources.

Tebow’s playing stats have been quite respectable, especially considers he is almost a decade older than many of his teammates.

The 29-year-old former Denver Bronco was signed to a minor league contract by the New York Mets this year and has been playing in South Carolina, achieving a 849 OPS over his last 16 games. Tebow has a .250/.330/.370 slash line with two homers and 11 RBIs in 28 games for Columbia, the New York Post reports.

His work on the diamond puts him in a solid position and the Mets have taken notice. According to sources, there is talk of bumping the player up to the next level in AA ball.

But, there is undoubtedly another reason for this consideration. After all, Tebow has become a major seat-filler for the Fireflies.

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Anonymous said...

According to Fox Sports talk, 960 AM radio. It's NOT a promotion to AA ball. It's a move up to "High A " Ball. Big difference.
The Shorebirds are "Low A" ball for the Orioles, lowest next to the Aberdeen Ironbirds.. The Frederick Keys are the Orioles "high A" Ball club. Same way the Mets organization , which Tebow is in, works their system..

Anonymous said...

Why is he such a draw? He believes and he is an enthusiastic antithesis to everything wrong in America. Liberals can't stand him because he isn't gay, tranny, or black/muslim or illegally in the US.

Anonymous said...

I saw him play the other night and his batting power was obviously much more powerful than the other batters on either team and his foot speed was amazing for a man his size.

Anonymous said...

@2:27 I would hope so he's probably on average ten years older than most playing at that Kevel. The moron should still be playing in the NFL but his pride got in the way. He doesn't have the overall talent to play MLB baseball but he will seek the spotlight

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Frederick Keys, Shorebirds' stadium management could learn a few things from Key Stadium management.

Anonymous said...

What pride 3:24 he did what was asked of him in the NFL ? If he wants to chase his dream I say good for him there's a bunch of other guys doing the same-thing how far would you have gotten ? He's getting moved up so there's a chance he will see MLB time.

Anonymous said...

What pride?? How about admitting you don't have the skill set to play quarterback in the NFL and instead of playing fullback or h-back I'm not going to play. Very very unlikely you'll ever see him in a MLB stadium unless its to continue the circus sideshow the mets organization so desperately needs to sell tickets. MLB pitching would eat him alive.

Anonymous said...

Three words.....Michael. Jordan. Baseball!
How well did that work out?