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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Report: VA hospital in D.C. putting 'patients at unnecessary risk'

(CNN) —The Department of Veterans Affairs' inspector general says practices at the Washington VA Medical Center are putting "patients at unnecessary risk," and the VA has removed the director of the hospital from his position, assigning him to temporary administrative duties.

A report out Wednesday raised several concerns related to staffing shortages, dirty storage areas and failure to keep track of medical equipment, leading to shortages that could endanger patient health.

The report identified 18 dirty sterile storage areas out of 25 reviewed at the medical center, and found that more than $150 million in equipment had not been inventoried or accounted for in the past year, which led to medical procedures being canceled or delayed.

The VA's inspector general, Michael Missal, said his "lack of confidence" in the VA's ability to address the root causes of the issues and the urgent nature of the risk to patients made it necessary to release his interim findings before the investigation is complete, a rare step.



Anonymous said...

All for the money

Anonymous said...

There was a ninety some year old man on FOX being interviewed this AM. He was asked the secret for longevity. He stated, stay away from or don't go to the VA.

Anonymous said...

PRMC is not much better!

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for this. The place obviously has people who don't care about their jobs or their clientele. The cure: hire new people to replace those who don't measure up, starting at the top. If the head of sterile supply doesn't regularly spot check his own areas, fire him. If a hard goods supply manager doesn't keep an accurate ledger and know where those millions of dollars of supplies are, fire her.