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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hogan expected to sign Md. bill that redefines rape

WASHINGTON — Among the bills the Maryland General Assembly has sent to the governor’s desk is a measure that would fundamentally change how the law defines rape.

Supporters of the measure expect Gov. Larry Hogan to sign the bill, which makes clear that rape victims don’t have to physically fight an attacker in order for prosecutors to bring charges.

The bill is called the “No Means No” law and is co-sponsored by Del. Kathleen Dumais, a Democrat representing Maryland’s 15th District.

Under current law, advocates said, there have been horrific cases of rape in which prosecutors declined to pursue charges against the attacker.



Anonymous said...

Everything needs to sign a consent form before having sex.

Anonymous said...

And who is her witness that she said "no?" No evidence of rape, just evidence of sex is going to send a man to prison? That's not right, or morally correct, no matter who you are. Women can be sooooo evil sometimes (and more than a little crazy). Those are the women that will take a law like this and use it to destroy a man that they have a grudge (real or imagined) with.

Anonymous said...

More senseless BS, the govt. needs to stay out of peoples sex lives!

Anonymous said...

so a female can imagine that some guy wants her and is convinced that he wants her all in her head and he can go to prison for it without even saying a word to the psycho.....rape is not being redefined...loonacy many innocent men will sit behind bars because of some bimbo that will lie?

Anonymous said...

Lie detector test. If it is good enough for intelligent agencies it is good enough for rape.