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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Company’s Plan To Place 12 Cell Towers Along Boardwalk Rejected

OCEAN CITY — Continuing a recent recurring theme about perceived visual pollution along the beachfront, the Ocean City Mayor and Council this week rejected a proposal to install as many 12 new cell phone towers on the Boardwalk.

As far back as 2015, private sector company Crown Castle announced a proposal to install as many as 90 Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), or cell phone towers throughout the town, some as tall as 38 feet, in an effort to expand bandwidth, relieve congestion and improve service for cell phones and other mobile devices in the resort. Earlier this year, the Mayor and Council reached an agreement with Crown Castle allowing the company to install up to 90 of the towers in the public right-of-way throughout the resort after gaining assurances they would not be installed in certain residential areas.

That process is ongoing with the new towers sprouting up at locations all over the resort in recent weeks, but apparently the proposed 90 towers will not meet the town’s growing needs for cell phone service, particularly in the summer when thousands are on their phones and mobiles devices on the beach and Boardwalk.



Anonymous said...

How ironic. A city that is comprised of billboard ads, signs, and every imaginable shape size and color buildings that rise to all different heights, has people that are opposed to "visual pollution". OC can't get any more visually polluted than it already is! So who has delegated this crowd to decide what is "pretty" or not? Once it gets to a point a small minority can stop a project because it doesn't meet their idea of "pleasing to the eyes," then all is lost. George Orwell's 1984 has become reality in OC, and in the rest of liberal America.

Anonymous said...

Visual pollution is a false narrative. There is no such thing, unless it is a garbage dump. Why doesn't this group go after the garbage cans on the boardwalk? They are visual pollution. So are 1/2 the buildings that line the boardwalk. How about those rides? Visual pollution, to me, are the freaks with all the piercings and tattoos that troll the boardwalk all summer. But I suppose that is freedom of expression, no matter how offensive it is to others, and that includes the unsolicited entertainment that bombards the public on the boardwalk. Some of that crap is definitely visually offensive.

Visual pollution, how absurd!

Anonymous said...

And you say they don't want to track you... Why the hell do you need 12 cell towers that close?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Keep chasing people and their money away. Fools. Raise parking fees and no cell coverage = go somewhere else for many people.

Anonymous said...

When I read "visual pollution" I was expecting something like pictures of Rosie O'Donnell or Rachel Maddow, not a simple pole.

Anonymous said...

Higher number of antennas means the power for each can be reduced. Also o ffers greater coverage and density