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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Norfolk man shot someone he thought was a “snitch,” prosecutor says. But he killed a 17-year-old instead.

It took 12 minutes to go from handshake to bullets.

Bullets and a body.

Tyquon “Twin” Feimster and Rashid “Toot” Elliott shook hands at 7:52 p.m. on Sept. 22, 2015, as they ran into each other and entered the Family Dollar store at 6130 Chesapeake Blvd.

But Feimster’s girlfriend scolded him: Don’t deal with that guy; he’s a snitch.

A few minutes later, Feimster and his girlfriend left the store as Elliott and his friends bought snacks. Then Elliott’s group left, too, and started to cross Chesapeake Boulevard toward the BP gas station.

At 8:04 – gunshots.

The bullets missed Elliott and hit 17-year-old Raheem Jacquaz White in the upper chest.

White collapsed in the middle of Chesapeake Boulevard, where he died.



Anonymous said...

But black lives matter! Pffft. Biggest lie told ever by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh but they do, as all other life matters as well.

Anonymous said...

That's about the most incoherent pile of words I have ever read. Can anyone make heads or tails of what happened in this case?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he shoulda just shot the girlfriend and probably her mother.

Anonymous said...

701am - BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't know Twin from Toot, but that's the kind of person we need on our pole-lice force. They don't go by the rules and policies set. Get the job done.

lmclain said... already are doing that.

bayman said...

What's wrong with turning in someone who has broke the law??? Break the law in front of me and you get turned in. Plain and simple. Snitch is just something the criminals invented to try and scare people into keeping their mouths shut. Not me.