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Thursday, April 06, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Autopsies of victims of the chemical attack in Syria indicate the banned nerve agent sarin was used, Turkey said

The poison used in the deadly chemical bomb attack in a rebel-held part of northern Syria this week was the banned nerve agent sarin, the Turkish Health Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

The statement from Turkey, where many of the stricken Syrians were taken after the assault on Tuesday, was the most specific about the cause.

“According to the results of preliminary tests,” the statement said, “patients were exposed to chemical material (Sarin).”


Anonymous said...

It Amazes me.on how CNN is jumping down Trumps throat about syria and for him to do something BUT didnt say S..T when there boy obama did NOTHING X 7 yrs ?????

Anonymous said...

So Obama lied about removing the gas from Syria ?

Anonymous said...

It takes the US a month to get autopsy results back and Turkey has it done in less than a week??