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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hoyer Blames $10 Trillion Debt Increase Under Obama on ‘Big Tax Cuts’ And Recession Recovery

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) appeared Wednesday on Fox News where he blamed the $10 trillion debt increase during former President Obama's tenure on recession recovery from the Bush administration and on tax cuts.

Host Neil Cavuto asked him whether congressional Democrats could support the tax cuts that were proposed in President Trump's newly revealed tax plan.

"Not now, Neil. One of the groups just put out a cost analysis of the– and we just have a one page paper. We don't have any bill. We don't have any really detailed proposal, but they estimate the cost at $6 trillion," Hoyer said, before getting corrected by Cavuto.

"Over 10 years," Cavuto said.

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Anonymous said...

Hoyer may have been talking about the national debt but I am willing to bet he voted yes to every spending bill under Obama!!

Anonymous said...

Another dinosaur like Schumer. I'm surprised he still has his own teeth.

Anonymous said...

It's long bast time to dump slick Steny.

Anonymous said...

Hoyer? Hoyer who? Hoyer you kidding?

Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute! Didn't he give every adult in the country either $300 or $600 as stimulus money early in his first term? That certainly counts for something.

I thought that Steny Hoyer was dead.