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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gov’t spends 17 percent more on feds’ compensation than private sector, CBO says

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest findings that the federal government overall spends 17 percent more compensating its employees compared to the private sector is renewing fresh debate on a well-worn topic.

For some, the latest CBO report throws more fuel on the fire in an ongoing push for civil service reform and reemphasizes past arguments that federal employees are simply paid too much. For others, it reinforces government’s struggles to recruit and retain top talent in mission critical areas.

In total, federal employees with a high school diploma or less earn on average 53 percent more than their counterparts in the private sector, while federal workers with a bachelor’s degrees received 21 percent more in compensation.

In contrast, total compensation costs for employees with a professional degree or doctorate were 18 percent lower than workers in the private sector, CBO said.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The role of government is bigger government. Until there is independent oversight of how government pays itself and it's workers, it will continue.
I hope Trump does what he promised and holds these 'non-essential' workers to the fire.
It's not an unusual problem: we all know people who work for the state, local or federal government and we hear it all the time.