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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dr. Andy Harris Praises New Version of Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON, DC: On April 26, Dr. Andy Harris (MD-01) released the following statement on the proposed amended American Health Care Act:

“I am proud to announce my support for the proposed amended American Health Care Act. As a physician, I’m confident that the amended bill will lower premiums and deductibles for the millions of Americans who have been burdened by the high costs of Obamacare, and it will increase access to affordable policies for the millions who have lost their policies or their doctors under Obamacare. The amendment proposed by Representative MacArthur will also maintain the guarantee of coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions while providing states the flexibility to mold their health care systems to best address the needs of their citizens.”


Anonymous said...

What happen to Repeal???????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Once insurance companies raised their premiums, they are not going to lower them unless they are made to.

Anonymous said...

4:11 - If Dr. Harris believes replace is better than repeal, we should trust him. He is a Good Man who has our best interests in mind.

Anonymous said...

As of July my family and I won't have heath insurance. Thank you democrats. Our family will never forget how you screwed us and will never vote democrat again.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of health insurance is to share risk. In the long run high-risk pools will increase the insurance costs for everyone including those with employer based insurance. It is a bad idea.