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Thursday, March 09, 2017

The call of the white-suited women

Dang. It’s almost International Women’s Day — and me without my white suit.

Used to be a time when white was for the period between Easter and Labor Day. That’s it; those who dared to don white, particularly for shoes, were regarded as unschooled in proper fashion. And that, of course, meant you were a second-class citizen and would never get into the right college.

Oh, there was the winter white, of course. But it had to have a distinct yellowish tint to it. No fair sneaking in the bright cotton-look hue and calling it “snowflake” white, hoping the Fashion Police wouldn’t notice (interesting side-note: they used to be called the White Police, but rushed for a name-change after the unfortunate rioting of Ferguson, Missouri.)

But now? All the rules of wearing white have been tossed to the curb. We can thank Democrats for that.

Specifically, women Democrats.

After all, if it hadn’t been for the bold stand of Democratic Party women to put on white suits to protest President Donald Trump during his first joint session of Congress speech, the old, archaic rules of fashion might still be in play. But now the white suit has been taken out of its box — during winter. And it has a chance to go global.

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Anonymous said...

The women in this picture are only suitable for a bright red dress & matching red shoes!

Anonymous said...

When I think of white, I think of pure, innocent, virginal; those words to not equate with the democratic women, or men, in any way, shape, or form!

Anonymous said...

the new klan take a good look !

Anonymous said...

They just the Sore Losers ....Demoncrats !!

Anonymous said...

POS dressed in white...made them feel good