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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Socialism’s Rising Popularity Threatens America’s Future

Too many of us have forgotten the lessons of the Cold War. 

Headlines about “the end of the republic” litter political commentary across the political landscape. They usually mark the beginning of a discussion of the merits of Donald Trump as president of the United States, but his ascendency is not the leading sign of a collapse of American society. For that, see a recent poll indicating a tectonic shift occurring in the political preferences of U.S. adults. When you consider current trends in cultural norms and widely held beliefs, you will see that we are headed toward the end of the American experiment. 

The American Culture and Faith Institute recently conducted a survey of adults 18 and older. It shows not only how deeply divided Americans are on some issues but also how their view of the nation stands in many cases in stark contrast to our nation’s founding principles. Most Americans (58 percent) see themselves as politically moderate, while a quarter identify as conservative, and 17 percent as liberal. Those who were both socially and fiscally conservative, the group tracked by the ACFI in greatest detail, were 6 percent of the population.



Anonymous said...

Socialism = Open boarders and Islam.

Anonymous said...

And then we all eventually die, leaving the living to deal with what has been created. We fret over politics, but it is what it is. Its not important in the giant scheme of things. To fret over things that you can not change, is asking for an early death. Remember, those that make the decisions that affect the rest of us will also die, after living their royal lives.

Anonymous said...

There is no freedom in communism or socialism and we can only be happy when we live in freedom.

Anonymous said...

Our founding principles were written by men who are all dead. The living are re-writing what they want into the current laws that govern our country. Then they will all be dead. And the process continues....i.e., our country has no principles. And its obvious by the way our elective leaders govern!

Anonymous said...

Socialism is being push by the 1960's "Love Child Movement". That is when the US became more liberal and the US Government started the Socialist Democratic regime. That is also the generation that is pushing and attempting to rule the US today. History cannot be changed overnight. This tells you how long people have been zombies walking around with their eyes closed and led around on a leash.