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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BIPARTISANSHIP ALERT: Maryland Innovation Institute

Both Chambers of Maryland General Assembly Vote to Approve Important Legislation Encouraging Clean Energy Investment and Commercialization in Maryland

“This year, let’s make targeted, common sense investments to support our green jobs initiatives and to attract private investment for clean energy projects in our state.” - Governor Larry Hogan, February 1, 2017

Maryland Innovation Institute

Governor Hogan’s Legislation Establishes The Maryland Innovation Institute To Attract Clean Energy Investment And Develop Additional Clean Energy Programs. “There is a Maryland Energy Innovation Institute. The Institute is part of the A. James Clark School of Engineering of the University of Maryland. The A. James Clark School of Engineering shall manage the Institute according to the policies of the University of Maryland and the University System of Maryland with the advice of the Institute Board. The purposes of the Institute are to: collaborate with academic institutions in the State to participate in clean energy programs; and develop and attract private investment in clean energy innovation and commercialization in the State. The exercise by the Institute of the powers conferred by this part is the performance of an essential governmental function.” (“Senate Bill 313,” Maryland General Assembly, 3/13/17)

Common Sense Bipartisan Proposal Received Strong Support In Both Chambers Of The Maryland General Assembly

The Maryland State Senate Unanimously Approved The Maryland Innovation Institute By A Vote Of 47-0. (“Senate Bill 313,” Maryland General Assembly, 3/15/17)

The Maryland House Of Delegates Approved The Maryland Innovation Institute By A Vote Of 123-11. (“House Bill 410,” Maryland General Assembly, 3/17/17)


Anonymous said...

This isn't private investment, it's taxpayer investment into what will create much higher utility prices for Marylanders.

Anonymous said...

I would not locate any business of mine in a "sanctuary state" ever, I don't care what incentive they would offer!