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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Obama Vs. Trump: Ex-President Returns to Radical Community Organizing

As President Donald Trump plans a slew of policies that could dismantle key parts of Barack Obama’s presidential legacy, the former president seems to be returning to his roots as a Saul Alinsky-style radical community organizer.

This time Obama and his associates’ objective is to stop Trump’s domestic and foreign policy agendas on virtually all fronts – immigration reform, border security, the roll back of the controversial Obamacare system and more. According to some accounts, Obama and his associates may be seeking no less than Trump’s impeachment.

The strategies for disruption seem to include everything from nonprofit front-group activism and the filing of legal motions to support for protest movements targeting Trump and top administration officials.

This as Trump works to secure America’s porous borders, fix the faltering economy, replace Obama’s largely failed healthcare law, combat the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism, contend with the threat of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, and address the issue of illegal immigration that was put on steroids during Obama’s two terms in office.

The latest sign of Obama’s fingerprints on Trump disruption plots comes from reports on Monday that former Obama administration staffers have formed a group to closely monitor the Trump administration.

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lmclain said...

Imagine the outcry and outrage from the press if Bush had stayed in Washington, formed some groups to "monitor" Obama and to disrupt his agenda.
obama had his turn. He, however, after going from nobody community organizer with a shady background to the Presidency, just can't stand the fact that he is yesterday's new and he isn't the center of attention anymore.
He'a a poor loser. Nah...correction...he's just a loser.
He should be ashamed.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

These guys are the best show in town.

Anonymous said...

In addition, Obama's call for civil disobedience and raucous protests that could become riots for May 1...SEDITION. period ...he should be in prison.

Anonymous said...

Man I would love to see someone smack the piss out of that devil. We would surely have video because he has given his peeps a phone. I can see it now, after all this loser has given them, they would be standing around not helping while cussing during the beat down.

Anonymous said...

10:05 these guys are not just sore losers they have every intention of taking over

Jim said...

Well, Obama certainly has a closet full of skeletons, doesn't he?

Maybe it's time to trot them out.

"The Strolling Bones Show".

Expose this fraud for what he is.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: I agree with the last comments listed here entirely, why can't Obozo be exposed for the fraud that he is? His list of screw ups and sketchy decisions certainly is worthy of question and review. It's certainly questionable whose side is Obozo really on? He's done much more to help our enemies than the American people. Wake up America !

Anonymous said...

This is a reason Obama spent $336 million tax dollars to hide his past. This proves Obama and Soros is partners in the "Shadow Government" they have formed.

Anonymous said...

Deport this jerk back to Kenya where he was born!

Anonymous said...

Obama is daring Trump's DOJ to investigate and bring him to justice. He might just get his Christmas wish because he's certainly earned that rare distinction of an ex Prez who deserves to be the first to be incarcerated post-term.