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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hogan Pledges Veto Of Paid Sick Leave Bill Before Lawmakers

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan says he would veto a bill requiring businesses with 15 or more employees to provide paid sick leave.

The Republican governor announced his intention during a news conference Wednesday

He says either a bill passed by the House or a measure nearing a vote in the Senate would be “dead on arrival.” Hogan has his own proposal that would provide for paid sick leave for businesses with 50 or more employees. It hasn’t moved forward.



lmclain said...

Businesses with 50 or more employees bribed him. I bet HE gets sick leave, vacation, personal days, golfing trips, new cars, international travel, instantaneous medical care of the highest degree and a heated sidewalk so he won't slip in the snow.
Life is good, huh?
So, giving people who work for you ONE HOUR of paid vacaction per week of full time work is going to break the backs of every business in Maryland?? Total BS.
If someone in O.C. works 16 weeks of full time employment in a VERY busy environment, you will need to pay them about 2 days of $9/hr time at the end of the season.
What? Down to your last 10 million?

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't be able to override his veto in the Senate die to 6 democrats oppose the bill... They Favor Hogans Bill

Anonymous said...

Yes, it could break the backs of business owners. Who the heck do you think you are to demand to be paid when you don't show up for work?
All this bill will do is cause more unemployment and more use of robots

Anonymous said...

March 16, 2017 at 10:42 AM:

So a business owner would rather have an infectious employee come to work to avoid a loss of income and infect a whole office (or shop floor), than to allow the employee to take a paid sick day that doesn't affect the productivity of their fellow workers? That is just not a smart economic employer policy. The businesses opposed to this common sense employee protection can only oppose it due to greed and an anti-employee attitude by the business. There isn't any economic reason to oppose it. Without this protection, will employees be compelled to work when they are ill? Yes, and their illnesses will take longer to recover from. Will ANYBODY, including the business, benefit from that? NO!

Anonymous said...

If you dont like it get a better job. Nothing stopping you.

So they want a 15 min wage. Sick Pay. And full paid insurance? For an educated motivated employee sure but not for a no-skill labor or even manufacturing position. WTF are you people smoking. You are Sooooo stupid is astounding. You have no idea about economics you have no clue about running a business. Nothing. You just see what someone else has achieved through hard work and say, "That looks nice. I want that."


Anonymous said...

Well said

lmclain said...

What I said is true.
I KNOW several business owners. NONE of them would go broke by giving ONE HOUR a week of paid sick leave to their employees. NONE.
Also, keep in mind (lest you forget) that many employess will never collect or use that time, because they are fired, they quit, or they just change jobs.
ONE hour a week.
Yes, these owners (and they worked hard and sacrificed to be one of them) have everything they deserve for their efforts. But PLEASE don't spread the lie that if you have 4 cars, two or three (or four or five, or more) houses, and buy a new Harley every year, that spending MAYBE a couple of thousand in sick leave for the people that helped make you successful is going to destroy your lifestyle. BS, 1:22. BS.
I also find it amusing that 1:22 thinks that people who are WORKING are "parasites". I'll bet HE is a business owner and that is how he looks at his employees -- as parasites who are sucking him dry (even when he is in Jamaica for 10 days).
I'm SURE he never had any sick leave in his prior jobs. He never gets sick.
He would have been perfect for the Bataan Death March. God help his employees.....

Anonymous said...

11:24- no, they wouldn't come to work. they can stay home. they just don't get paid. they have to work an extra shift or a few more hours here and there if they can. My wife is a server. If she doesn't work, she doesn't get paid. She has to pick up extra shifts. And yes, she has been sick, gone to the med center, and been told she is contagious. no, she doesn't work when that's the case, because she knows she would get fellow employees, and possibly patrons sick by handling their food. So she picks up a closing shift or works a double when she's well, to make up for the lost time. It's how it was for me when I was growing up and worked in fast food. No work = no pay.