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Friday, March 24, 2017

Commissioners Irked Again Over Student Funding Requirements; MOE Change Requires At Least $2.4M Increase In School Funding

SNOW HILL – County officials responded to news that Worcester County’s Maintenance of Effort calculation would be increasing with candid criticism.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Worcester County Commissioners, Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins informed officials that Maintenance of Effort (MOE) funding would increase $2,387,012 in FY2018. The increase is tied to modifications made to MOE requirements made by the state in 2012 that are only just now having a financial impact.

“We’re just being penalized again because we’re supposedly a wealthy county,” Commissioner Jim Bunting said.

The state’s MOE law requires Maryland’s counties to provide the same level of funding, on a per pupil basis, that they did the prior year. With enrollment of 6,259 students, Worcester County appropriated $12,972 per student in FY 2017. The 2.4-percent increase mandated by the 2012 legislative change means the county’s MOE funding for the coming year will amount to $83,580,814 — roughly $2.4 million more than it was in FY2017.



Anonymous said...

Isn't MOE supposed to be the figure that reflects keeping up the same services from year to year?

Anonymous said...

To 5:45 Poster

The immigration issue is not being covered by any of the media's w/exception to the Washington Times. When illegals bring their kids into our Country, they enroll them into school - and here in MD they are rewarding the illegal's by having the native born taxpayers foot the bill.

Another example - a high ranking education administration official informed me that at Prince Street school their are huge numbers of illegals kids in the school system.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on get with the program folks!

Moe pulls Larry's hair and bonks Curly on top of his head!

(snicker, but its very sad)

Anonymous said...

Prince Street has the English language program for Elementary Students in the County. Bennett Middle and Wicomico Middle has the program for middle school and Bennett High for high school students... Just remember not only Hispanics but you have Haitian, And Chinese students as well in the programs as well.

Anonymous said...

You must have talked to the most uninformed high ranking boe employee. Im just a random mom and even i know where the ELL is housed in this county