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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Arizona rancher on Sinaloa cartel: ‘They control the whole area'

Wave after wave – night after night and day after day.

It’s a familiar sight for some ranchers along the Mexico-Arizona border: heavily armed drug and human smugglers.

They cross into the state, traveling on foot for miles and carrying their load on their backs – the drugs inside could be worth millions.

The smugglers will do whatever it takes to get it to its destination.

That’s why rancher Jim Chilton wants a border wall completed along the country’s southern boundary with Mexico.

“The Sinaloa cartel has cartel scouts on our mountains and they essentially control the area,” he said.



Anonymous said...

It's a multi-billion dollar business enterprise. Don't be surprised if they spend a lot of time and money to defend it.

Anonymous said...

use clamor mines and motion activated machine guns.

Anonymous said...

Armed and on my land. Shoot on site. It would be Self defence