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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Un-Affordable Care Act - Why Obama's singular achievement was an absolute disaster


I received the attached letter (addressed to my son) this week from the IRS - Yes, the IRS. As many people know, the IRS is the enforcement agency for those people non-compliant with the ACA.

Let that sink in. The IRS, the scariest agency since the Gestapo, is in charge of making sure people pay for insurance they can’t or probably won’t use. The Obama administration told us “It’s not a tax.” And, the liberal leaning Supreme Court even sided with him. So, why was the tax collection agency put in charge of collecting the ‘fees’? And, if it’s not a tax, why pay for insurance you’re not going to use, or can’t use because the deductibles are too high? Maybe because you pay into the system so sick people who can’t afford health care can use your funds to pay for theirs?? If that’s not the definition of a tax –redistribution of wealth- I don’t know what is. And the liberals are still surprised that Trump won! He promised to eliminate this disaster and will be doing that next week. Thank God.

The letter states: “We are writing to make sure you know how you can AVOID THIS PENALTY by signing up for health insurance or getting an exemption.” The penalty would be at least $695 (and if he was married with children, a whopping $2,085!!). He hardly ever sees a doctor, and if he did, his bill would not be even close to $695, so why even get insurance. So, you can avoid the penalty for buying something you don’t need or want. Sounds like a great deal. Like selling ice cubes to Eskimo’s.

The irony of this letter is that my son, who graduated from college (was on our plan until then) and decided he wanted to serve his country, joined the Army that year to train for the Army Special Forces. Because of the Obama policy on limiting the size of the military (no need because “ ISIS is a JV team”), his 18x-contract was delayed. The IRS knows that, because he informed them, and they have records of his Army income. This is the same country he wants to serve and protect. Sometimes, I wonder why. Defending a bunch of flag-burning, NFL-kneeling, protesting liberals.

He already had his rectal exam at his physical. He doesn’t need the Internal Revenue Service to give him another one!!!

Mr. Trump….Make Our Country Great Again. Make it the country my son will be proud to serve.


Anonymous said...

I think he signed an executive order eliminating that penalty yesterdat 1-20-17 after all the ceremonies were over.

Anonymous said...

thank you for printing that and thank you to our new POTUS Donald J. Trump for moving to get rid of Obamacare

Anonymous said...

Biggest lies is that you can get a policy for $75

Anonymous said...


You can get a policy for $75/day

Anonymous said...

Send the letter back with a picture of your middle finger attached!

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court declared they could not penalize anyone with fines for not purchasing insurance so the Obama Administration called it a tax. But the "tax" had to be charged across the board equally. This whole piece of legislation was totally a waste of time and money.