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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Liberals On The Warpath Again On SBYNews

I guess I shouldn't be surprised but the snowflakes are bombarding Salisbury News attacking President Trump and guess what, even his FEMALE Wife and Staff. 

Of course their comments aren't seeing the light of day and the funny part about their anger and aggression allows me to SPAM their comments so they go away for good.

Look, I don't mind healthy debate and opposition. I know how to agree to disagree. However, these comments are so over the top and so ridiculous, they're wasting my time moderating hundreds of them. 

One of the funniest comments I've seen in a while came in about the ECI stabbing post. The crybabies are attacking me because, (in their opinion) we only publish the bad and the public doesn't need to know about the crime at ECI. Funny, their own Liberal Newspapers/TV News throughout the state published the last story about all the criminal activity recently but now, (just as we broke the last major story before anyone else) because we, (once again) got the story before the rest of the media, they're pissed off. 

This institution is designed to rehabilitate prisoners. IF each prisoner is expected to get stabbed and even killed, why not just give everyone a death sentence for anything and everything. Many of these people made mistakes and are paying the price. There are some that anyone working there can tell you IF they get out, they'll be back in no time at all. That being the case, they need to separate the higher risk prisoners from from the rest of the prisoners simply doing their time. 

Finally, (on this matter) one would think that after the last investigation and multiple arrests of ECI Employees, how did this prisoner get their hands on this sharp enough instrument to stab someone multiple times? The public deserves the right to know what is going on there. WE pay dearly for that institution well above and beyond financial commitment. We've seen recently how poorly that place is being managed.

GO HERE to view the last article we published about the crooked former staff at ECI. Better yet, go to our search bar in the top left hand corner and simply type in ECI and read ALL of the history we've delivered over the years. 


Anonymous said...

Liberals love the government that screws them all the time.

Anonymous said...

You asked how do they get instruments sharp enough to stab someone. They take things we use everyday and stab each other. They all have a toothbrush which is easily sharpened to a point and used for stabbing. they also have razors to shave with the good news type that you throw away. They just take the blade out and tape it to a pen or pencil and slash you with it. For that matter pens and pencils can be used for stabbing. They have nothing but time to think about this and figure these things out. Are you not going to let them shave or brush their teeth or write letters home. They can make a shank out of almost anything. You woud be surprised at the things they come up with.

Anonymous said...

The liberals preach inclusiveness, tolerance only if you agree with their views. If not, you are called bigoted, racist, xenophobic, etc.
Liberals are redefining hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

First prions don't rehabilitate, they keep felons locked up from the public to serve a sentence set by the state. Having retired from ECI, bad news will dominate good news, since most situations that occur there are bad. Just the way it is. Cross the blue line and get your bad apples in line like the last incident where 18 officers were charged for bringing in contraband. Most of the non-custody staff that I talked to, defended the bad officers. Officers who report criminal activity are still considered snitches, that why you won't get the public's support on bad stories. Time to drain the swamp.

Anonymous said...

Snowflakes = Millinials = Communists.

Anonymous said...

They can make daggers out of paper, clubs out of magazines, razors out of shaving razors, stingers out of scraps they find, garrottes out of linen, the list goes on and on. Idle hands and a bored mind with plenty of time can create almost anything imagined.

Anyone who goes to any jail or prison is rarely rehabilitated. The system is not set up to rehabilitate anyone. With the exception of federal penitentiaries, there are few if any programs in place to make inmates good citizens when released.

Instead of adhering to the Supreme Court's decision that being SENT to prison IS the punishment, most jails and prisons are set up to PUNISH those behind their walls. And is there any wonder why there is such a high recidivism rate?

Most citizens do not want inmates to be educated, free college in their minds.

Most citizens don't want inmates to have access anything of entertainment value. But don't realize idle hands and minds will lead to violence, increased risk of riots, harm to staff, a sense of hopelessness.

The average citizen thinks an inmate's life behind bars should be a constant barrage of physical and mental punishments. Not the life of Riley so many people think inmates have, without once ever being inside of a jail/prison.

People are sent to jails/prisons because they violated some law and a judge or jury of their peers decided they must be removed from society for a specified length of time. Removal from society and being in jail/prison IS the punishment. No one is sent to jail/prison FOR punishment.

Until that true way of thinking is adopted and acted upon, nothing will ever change to any measurable amount.

People seem to forget, most will be released from jail/prison some day. And most of those released will again break some law and be sent right back to jail/prison. Mainly because they were not taught how to survive in society in an acceptable manner.

If they are not educated while they are locked up, if they are not shown other skills and methods to be a productive member of society, if none of the cycles that brought them to prison in the first place are not broken, of course they will return to their old habits and hence, their return to jail/prison.

Educating inmates, showing them alternative paths in life, treating them as people who made a mistake and not treating them like scum of the earth is not being soft on crime or criminals. It is correcting habits and behavior that were deemed unacceptable by society, in which they were incarcerated for in the first place.

Granted these scenarios will not work with every inmate. There are those who are incorrigible, ones who will not bend to social demands. These types will most likely be behind bars all their lives.

But many others can be saved, can be instructed how to live in a society without committing crimes. These should be the focus of rehabilitation. But again, there is no meaningful rehabilitation measures conducted in most prisons.

The United States is a world leader in the amount of people incarcerated. We now have private corporations building and running prisons, for profit. They have no incentive in correcting anyones criminal behavior. They make their money BECAUSE of people's criminal behavior. They need and want every bed filled and filled for the longest time possible.

By now most locals have become acquainted with a higher crime rate since a prison has been in their area for a long time. The ones released from this prison are put back into a society with no new skills or behaviors different from the ones they had when they entered this prison.

The definition of insanity is the repetition of the same activity but expecting different results.

You will always have what you always get because you always do the same things that cause you to have the same things.

Until such a time that the justice system and society at large change their behavior and expectations, nothing will ever change.

Anonymous said...

I remember someone once saying the guards were as bad as the inmates?