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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Poll: 80% Want Justices Who Apply Constitution as Originally Written

( -- The vast majority of Americans believe it is important to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will apply the Constitution as originally set by the Founders and, in particular, protect religious freedom, according to a new Marist poll, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

Eight in 10 Americans, 80%, say it is an "immediate priority" or an "important" one "to appoint Supreme Court justices that will interpret the Constitution as it was originally written," according to a statement from the Knights of Columbus.

In addition, a majority of Americans -- 52% to 40% -- "want the court to interpret the Constitution 'as it was originally written' and not on what they think the 'Constitution means now,'" according to the poll. Even three in 10 Democrats (31%) agreed with this view, although six in 10 (59%) did not. For Republicans, 78% agreed, and Independents, 50% agreed.

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Anonymous said...

What's the point in having the Constitution if we don't follow what it says?

Anonymous said...

Should be 100%. The 20% that don't should leave the country.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of a constitution is that in can be amended...hence the fucking word "Amendment"....but I'm not surprised...the constitution calls for black people to be considered property and counted and 3/5's of a person, so getting back to that is something many Trump supporters would love...Trumptards.....