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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Maryland Democrat Pleads Guilty to Corruption Charges

Former Maryland state delegate Will Campos, a Democrat, pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in exchange for favors, federal prosecutors announced on Tuesday.

Campos admitted to receiving over $20,000 worth of bribes in exchange for $325,000 worth of taxpayer-funded grants to local businesses, according to a Washington Post report. The payments were received from 2001 to 2014.

“This undercover investigation did not involve an isolated instance of misconduct,” said U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein. “It exposed a longstanding practice of giving away taxpayer money in exchange for bribes.”



Bob Aswell..........Not fooled by idiots said...

I can't believe this. Dumbocrats are of unquestionable integrity, independent thinkers, world class legislators, and lastly the hero of ALL races. At least that's what they think. Larry Hogan should be proud of his bosom relationship with Jim Mathias and the two Mikes. Together they have brought the most hardship on the general public in Md. than collectively any other group in history. Its really a joke to assume that they're anywise interested in the welfare of Md. as a whole when the general focus is on the City of Baltimore and PG and Montgomery Cos. To stress the point, Democratic hopeful Brown showed up at the Tawes' clambake in a van smothered with political manure yet was sporting Virginia license plates. (I have a picture) Stunts of this caliber prove their prowess in the political arena. Hogan is a turncoat and DON'T WORRY Trump won't forget him. Yet another hardship for the folks of the Eastern Shore and the St. of Md.
Bob Aswell...........NOT FOOLED BY IDIOTS

Anonymous said...

GREAT example why counties should NOT be in the Liquor business!

Sure hope that "stuff" didn't happen around these parts. Sure wouldn't want the Comptroller yelling at us AGAIN...(coughcough)