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Friday, January 27, 2017

Police Uncover Major Drug Ring at Kennedy Shriver House

Cape Cod police have arrested three as part of a major drug bust at the home owned by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver family located in Hyannisport, MA.

According to the Barnstable Police Department, the home was being used to traffic fentanyl.

Suspects Troy Monteiro, 29, Trevor Rose, also 29, and Ariel Price-Perry, 26, were able to gain access to the home by way of the property manager, unbeknownst to the Shrivers.

Drugs were buried at a nearby beach. Detectives say they seized $40,000 worth of fentanyl.

The three suspects are being held on $100,000 bail.



Anonymous said...

I can believe PART of this story. The part about finding drugs.

Anonymous said...

I bet Arnold is glad he got to hell out of this family now!

Anonymous said...

Who is Arnold? Fred Ziffle's pig?

Anonymous said...

Mr Haney will take care of any sales of the overages...

lmclain said...

Let's see if the Kennedy house is confiscated and all assets seized.
I doubt it.
Two Sets of Laws.
Wouldn't you like to see a fleet of police cars emblazoned with "This car was paid for with proceeds from the sale of the Kennedy's house"?
Oh. The owner wasn't aware of what was going on? Uh huh.
THAT reasoning NEVER works for "we, the people". The police and the State's Attorney laugh for hours at that excuse.
Then take the house.
Unless your last name is Kennedy.
Keep cheering.