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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ocean City Man Charged in Fatal Boating Accident

An Ocean City man has been charged with multiple boating violations in connection with an accident that lead to the death of a 9-year-old boy.

Tyler Barnes, 33, operates Ocean City Watersports LLC, which rented a pontoon boat to a New Jersey family in August. A boy, one of 17 people aboard the vessel, slipped off the bow of the boat and was struck multiple times by the propeller, killing him.

Barnes was charged with negligent operation of a vessel, two counts of failing to have required safety equipment on board, renting a boat lacking proper equipment and failing to keep records. A Wicomico County District Court commissioner found probable cause yesterday and issued a criminal summons.

Kaden Frederick was one of four people sitting with their legs dangling from the front of the boat as it traveled in Sinepuxent Bay. Bow riding is illegal in Maryland.

When Frederick fell between the pontoons, the operator couldn’t stop the vessel and the propeller struck the boy. Emergency crews couldn’t resuscitate the child.

Barnes has a preliminary hearing set for Feb. 17 in Worcester County District Court. If he chooses, he may plead guilty before that date to any or all of the charges. The cumulative pre-payable fine would be $640.


Anonymous said...

SEVENTEEN folks on a rented pontoon = trouble.


Anonymous said...

People renting boats - period = MISTAKE - Most have no common sense in a care, on the water its twice as bad.

Anonymous said...

Before anybody mentions the small fine for abetting this tragedy, there WILL be a civil case that will clean this operator out.

Anonymous said...

I cringe when I see people bow-riding- especially kids. The captain of the boat is responsible for everyone on board, so even this accident is his fault. Accidents don't happen; they're created.
it's unfortunate for the child and now for him. I'm surprised they only charged him with fines and not negligent homicide. He got off lucky. The kid- who didn't know better- didn't.

Anonymous said...

As tragic as it is, the family should really assume full responsibility for this accident. 17 people? They clearly over loaded the boat and failed to follow the law about bow riding.. Did they read the contract they signed?

Anonymous said...

Never their fault always someone else!

Unknown said...

"As tragic as it is, the family should really assume full responsibility for this accident. 17 people?"

Give me a break! OC laws permitted this so THEY are responsible whether it was 17 or 100.. Now, there are many different views on assessing responsibility but that doesn't matter. The adults involved are punished enough.

OC mgmt is busy painting meaningless blue stripes on their roads and challenged enough as well. This is not worth generating "news".

Anonymous said...

If the child's parents were on the boat they are responsible for their child not the boat operator, however it was a tragic ACCIDENT.

Anonymous said...

tyler's a good kid, shame to see this happen to him. 17 yo should be intelligent enough to know not to do this. cant get hit by the train unless you are standing on the tracks.

Anonymous said...

Tyler Barnes rented about to a large party. That is his business. He was not the operator (pilot) at the time of the accident .it is the responsibility of the adults on the boat to follow safety procedures. The loss of a child's life is horrific. Punishing a young entrepreneur and ruining his business only adds to the tragedy.