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Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama Intel Officials Used ‘Russia Blackmail’ Claims to Undermine Trump Relations with Israel

U.S. intelligence officials warned their Israeli counterparts not to trust President-elect Donald Trump with intelligence secrets, citing alleged fears that Russia held blackmail information over Trump, according to a report today in Israel’s respected Yediot Ahronot daily newspaper.

The alleged blackmail information that U.S. officials reportedly warned Israel about seems to be in part referencing details contained in a debunked document of mysterious origin purporting to be an intelligence report alleging that Russia collected compromising videos and information on Trump.

In the report, investigative journalist Ronen Bergman writes of a meeting that took place “recently between Israeli and American intelligence officials (the date of the meeting is not mentioned to protect the sources of the report).”

Bergman continued:


Anonymous said...

Why would Israeli government believe anything the Obamba Adm says? This sounds fishy. "Hey Israel, we are going to help the middle eastern countries destroy you but If I were you I would not trust Trump."

Anonymous said...

Your statement is laughable for those of us who know the truth about the real situation. Israel manages the US government. It bought and paid for the Congress many many years ago. The BANKS are owned by Zionist affiliated people. The Federal Reserve Bank is a Zionist organization.

Israel is well in control of all of the Western Media as well, and that includes all of Hollywood and the television / movie productions. Pro Israel propaganda fills our air waves and minds.

We are Israel essentially.
The Muslim Countries understand this fact very well.
The US Military and Intelligence Agencies work for Zionists, and are in fact, Zionist tools.

Israel already rules over most of the population of the world albeit in an under-handed manner. They rule by stealth.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Hollywood and the media are far from being friendly toward Israel.
And God says a friend of Israel's is a friend of His. I choose to be a friend to Israel!

Anonymous said...

12:35, Well written,I totally agree.Thanks

3:39, That was days of old.There are no Israelite's
in Israel today.