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Friday, January 13, 2017

In Md. shooting spree case, suspect’s words may not be admissible

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Prosecutors will likely concede police violated the Miranda rights of the man charged with fatally shooting two people in Montgomery County last May — the day after he allegedly shot and killed his wife.

Eulalio Tordil is charged, but still unindicted In Prince George’s County, in the killing of his wife, Gladys, who had filed several protective orders against her husband.

In a status hearing Thursday in Circuit Court, State’s Attorney John McCarthy told Judge Sharon Burrell his office is leaning toward acknowledging Tordil’s questioning was improper.

“We likely will concede a Miranda violation for voluntariness,” said McCarthy.

After the hearing, McCarthy would not discuss specifics of Tordil’s questioning.

“I think everybody knows this from watching TV, it’s improper to continue to talk to someone, after they’ve made a request for a lawyer,” McCarthy told reporters.



Zorro said...

Some police are like these guys violating his Constitutional rights.....there seems to a number of overzealous Wicomico County Sheriff deputies who conduct themselves in the same manner....."RESPECT MY AUTHORITY":

Anonymous said...

in their rush to arrest, to use their position to bully, who think the laws do not apply to them, this is what we get. I'm sure they will still get a conviction but how much longer, how much more work and what lesser charges may have to be considered now?

Anonymous said...

your a coward and criminal

Anonymous said...

They have more then enough evidence to convict and give the victims a voice. Statesments given after after he wanted his mouth piece will be tossed out. Means nothing for the case and ridiculous to hold a press conference. Good job by le you have the hardest job in the country. Any male that hates on you are jealous because they don't have the guts to run towards gun fire. Fact is a fact. Law and order.

Anonymous said...

It may be improper to talk to them after they asked for a lawyer , but it is not illegal.