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Friday, January 13, 2017

Arizona Good Samaritan shot dead man attacking police officer

A hero passer-by shot and killed a gunman who ambushed an Arizona state trooper who was helping at the scene of a car crash.

The trooper was helping a woman who had been ejected from a car in a rollover crash when he was brazenly attacked by the suspect.

But a Good Samaritan stepped in and gunned down the assailant in the middle of the road.

Now the Arizona Department of Public Safety are trying to find the hero who intervened, because they believe the trooper may not be alive if it weren't for her actions.



Anonymous said...

Can hardly believe that this story about an armed citizen helping out even got written, most times when a armed person prevents a crime or mass shooting, the anti gun nuts and anti carry nuts all cover up good news.

Anonymous said...

Good Samaritan may have been from Maryland and hauled butt, thinking he would be charged using a weapon and deadly force while saving a life of the good guy.

Anonymous said...

Let the Good Sam go. No need to lay hands on her at all. Be thankful and move on.

Anonymous said...

He "shot dead man"? The Zombie Apocalypse isvreal!