Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How much have taxpayers spent to keep Charles Manson in prison?

Charles Manson is sick and may be dying. After a trip to the hospital and back to prison, one of America’s most famous murderers may finally be arriving at his end -- nearly 46 years after California had sentenced him to death. Apparently, Manson is too old and sick for any lifesaving surgery.

That means the state’s taxpayers may soon finally stop paying to keep him alive -- a tab that has easily already exceeded $2 million. Of course, owing to the amorphous nature of the actual costs of incarcerating a single prisoner, the total expense California has incurred for Manson may never be accurately tallied.

But the mass murderer, with at least seven killings to his credit, is likely pleased with himself for the ride he has taken the state on by living to the ripe age of 82. To cover his extended stay in prison, California has paid double the amount that it would have cost to execute Manson after his conviction. And his memory will always be with us: His picture -- often smiling if not glaring -- still stalks us from crime magazines on the supermarket shelf.

Manson is one of the most infamous murderers in history because of his role in the Tate-LaBianca slayings on two hot nights in Los Angeles in August 1969. Members of the so-called Manson “family” carried out the rampage Manson planned that took the lives of five people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate on the first night. Then they bludgeoned and stabbed the LaBianca couple in their home the next night.



Anonymous said...

yup nothing wrong with this picture. bullets are pennies!

Anonymous said...

Chunk of rope would have been donated....

There are at least a dozen or so that would have ridden a stationary bike hooked up to a generator to zap him.

Anonymous said...

What he/fam did in the late 60's through trials in early 70's was unforeseen, unthinkable at that timeframe.

Today - happens practically EVERY day in cities across our country and throughout the world. Chicago, Orlando, West Bank, entire continent of Africa.

Once the last boomer has left this earthly plane, the name Manson will be an afterthought or will come with the question "WHO?"! Shoulda killed that effer years YEARS him hospital care - WTF???? Absolutely NO reason he should have made it to 82...none whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Adios Charlie.