Wednesday, January 11, 2017

300-Signature Petition For Berlin Park Renaming Presented To Council; Mayor Critical Of Petition Process

BERLIN – In spite of the mayor’s criticism of a grassroots campaign to rename Berlin Falls Park, town leaders agreed this week to develop a formal policy regarding the naming of public property.

During the public comment portion of Monday’s council meeting, resident Bill Todd presented a 300-signature petition in support of changing the park’s name to James Tingle Park, in honor of a well-known retired mailman. While Mayor Gee Williams called it the “wrong thing the wrong way at the wrong time,” the council, at the suggestion of Councilman Zack Tyndall, agreed to form a committee to develop a policy on how the town will name its properties.

“You can bet your bottom dollar your concern will be considered,” Councilman Dean Burrell said. “That’s why we’re here.”

Todd said he came up with the concept of naming the town’s newest public space in honor of Tingle following the mailman’s retirement after 30 years of service.



Anonymous said...

There are 300 votes the mayor would get next election if he insists on a 6 figure donation to name a park.

Anonymous said...

Same smart mouth comments from the mayor. He can't speak to anyone respectfully and always seems to have to use curse words. We wonder why the community won't become involved. No one wants to come to a town meeting and be spoken down to and curse words used. Same for all these alcohol events. New years eve was crazy and all the mayor can say was for the out of town people to stay home. Truth is it was our own residents kids and includes thea York himself always needing an alcoholic beverage.

Anonymous said...

Gee wiz Gee!

Anonymous said...

The old mayor sounds like McCain when he tried to run for president and didn't know how to use email. Out of touch and hopefully voted out soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

To name a park after a mailman?? Give me a break you stupid idiots. You don't get a park named after you because you did your job and delivered mail.

Anonymous said...

Succinctly: It's a dumb idea start to finish.

Glad the retired mailman did a great job and is highly respected. It's not his fault this other character had an oddball idea and is pushing it.

Anonymous said...

It was a JOB, not public service, for crap's sake. But let the "public" have their say. Then name the park after a public servant, or hero, but not a mailman. Duh, are those people totally lacking in any respectable leaders or heroes to name the park after? A mailman's job is just like any other, just with a better pension.