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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Baltimore City Schools Officials Expect Mckesson Back At Work Today

Baltimore schools officials say DeRay Mckesson is expected back at work Tuesday.

Mckesson, the noted activist in movements like Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero who recently made an unsuccessful run for the mayor's office, was arrested over the weekend in Baton Rouge.Mckesson was recently hired as the interim chief human capital officer under new city schools CEO Sonja Santelises.

"In the brief period since his June 28 appointment as City Schools' interim chief human capital officer, Mr. Mckesson has brought his expertise, professionalism, and commitment to supporting City Schools' employees and to the critical work of ensuring that all district schools are fully staffed when the school year begins on August 29," reads a statement from school system officials. "We expect that work to continue under Mr. Mckesson's leadership and anticipate his return to the district office on July 12.”

Santelises told The Baltimore Sun over the weekend she has no problem with Mckesson's activism that it "is part of who he is, it's part of what drives him, and it's part of what drives him to move the work for kids."

Booking documents provided by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office say Mckesson was arrested on a charge of obstructing a highway. A police affidavit of probable cause says Mckesson "intentionally" placed himself in the road after protesters were repeatedly warned by loudspeaker to remain on private property or the curb.



Anonymous said...

Good example for the children

Anonymous said...

Under his leadership I expect to see these kids out blowing off their mouths in public demonstrations of BLM.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful wholesome role model for the pleasant young children of charm city!
Rawlings-Blake will probably have a small reception (uh, errr, fund raiser) to mark the event.
Liberals have succeeded in wronging right and making right wrong. Backwardsville, upsidedownland.
Support the criminal lowlives that stalk their communities. Complain police don't stop crime, then cry when a useless thug gets killed while trying to escape justice or harm officers during an arrest.
BLM is hate group and needs to prosecuted as such along with new black panthers.

Anonymous said...

so this thug can now staff the school system with like minded thugs