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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Recount uncovers serious fraud in Detroit

Votes in Democrat stronghold may have been counted up to 6 times

There’s something fishy going on in Michigan, where a full one-third of precincts in Wayne County – which includes Detroit – were unable to have ballots counted due to discrepancies with ballot counts.

And one person reports single ballots being counted as many as six times.

On Wednesday, a federal judge halted Michigan’s recount after two days of ballot counting, saying there’s not a legitimate reason to continue. After all, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who asked for the recount – suggesting the possibility of vote fraud and stating, “We must have a system we can be confident in” – never even had a chance of winning with just 1 percent of the vote.

But the judge’s decision came just after news reports began surfacing of possible vote fraud.

The worst of the problems were in Wayne County, Michigan’s largest county, where 66 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and just 29 percent for Donald Trump.



Anonymous said...

I suppose that at anytime during the 8 years Obama was in office, he could have looked into this. Instead, he asks now for a review of the DNC's lack of effort to practice good computer security (that he blames on Russia).

Anonymous said...

The past elections have included many fraudulent votes, mainly by Democrats. I don't believe Obama legitimately won the second time.

Anonymous said...

Who appointed the judge?

Stopping the recount will mask the corruption.