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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Malls debate teen policies after rash of Christmas weekend fights

An unusually high number of teen fights at shopping centers across the U.S. over the Christmas weekend — including at suburban 

Chicago malls — is prompting some mall operators to re-examine security policies and consider controversial restrictions on when and how teens may shop.

Security task force members from malls across the U.S. conducted a conference call Tuesday to discuss strategies for preventing mayhem, which may include more mall security or even bans on teens coming to malls alone, after multiple reports of teen fights over the four-day holiday, said Stephanie Cegielski, vice president of public relations for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

The need for more restrictions is "becoming somewhat more of a reality," Cegielski said.

Still, mall operators worry expanding or initiating new limits could hinder retailers' efforts to woo consumers away from internet shopping carts and back to the malls.



Anonymous said...

Look who is causing all the trouble, lol. So typical.

Anonymous said...

"Teens". Word cleansing.

Zorro said...

BLM clowns

Anonymous said...

Problem is there is no authority figure in the family to help enforce it.

Anonymous said...

Just so you realize it, the electronic shopping, like the computer and internet, is here to stay, get used to it...

Anonymous said...

Close all the malls !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pictures tell WHO does it all

Worth a thousand Words the saying goes !!!!

The chips fall where they Fall .........!!!!