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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Coastal Highway Median Fence Effort Slowed By High Bids

OCEAN CITY — It remains uncertain if the dune-style median fence project for Coastal Highway is still on track for a Memorial Day completion date, but it appears potential funding issues have sent State Highway Administration (SHA) officials back to the drawing board somewhat.

Earlier this year, the Mayor and Council approved the implementation of a dune-style median fence down the center of Coastal Highway from Route 90 to the Convention Center as part of SHA’s continued efforts to improve pedestrian safety along the corridor. The median fence is expected to improve public safety in the known trouble spot section by forcing pedestrians to cross the highway at the marked crosswalks at street ends and not dash across in between blocks.

The project, which is being designed, constructed and paid for by SHA, will cost an estimated $5.2 million, of which roughly $1.6 million will pay for the fencing alone. The design features an undulating fence down the center median mimicking the iconic fences along the dunes in Ocean City with the appropriate landscaping to complete the illusion.



Anonymous said...

Should forget about it and let Darwinism take over.

Anonymous said...

No no no 1253. We've become a society who must protect ALL snowflakes and cupcakes.

Although many do like the frogger concept of stupidity, it takes only 1 in the minority to implement change. Regardless of the cost or lack of common sensitivity.

Money should be allocated for something a bit more important and not something pretty.

Anonymous said...

That's a surprise because all cities and counties on the eastern shore bid out all over the country and 90% of the time use over the bridge contractors that use illegal labor and do for half the price of locals.

Anonymous said...

call Trump , he in Fence building Business !!!