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Saturday, December 31, 2016

China Warns US Against Allowing Stopover for Taiwan's Tsai

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen will pass through the United States when she visits Latin America next month, the Taiwan Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, angering China which urged the United States to block any such stopover.

China is deeply suspicious of Tsai, who it thinks wants to push for the formal independence of Taiwan, a self-governing island that Beijing regards as a renegade province, ineligible for state-to-state relations.

Details of the stopovers will be disclosed before the end of this week, the ministry said.

China said Tsai's intentions were clear and urged the United States not to let her in.

"We hope the U.S. can abide by the 'one China' policy...and not let her pass through their border, not give any false signals to Taiwan independence forces, and through concrete actions safeguard overall U.S. China relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan strait," Hua Chunying, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, told a briefing in Beijing.



Anonymous said...

Good Grief, you'd think we're back in the 20th Century again. YOU shall not allow someone to land in your country. Why? Because we said so. If you allow it, we will not like it.


lmclain said...

11:25....obama would have knelt down and opened his mouth to make sure the Chinese understood he will do whatever they say.
Trump will remind them that WE do as we please and they don't dictate ANYTHING to us.
They are not yet ready to do anything other than regional defense and offense.
WE don't have to leave the comfort of our office to kill 2 billion of them.
They know it, too.
America may start acting like a world leader again and not a cringing cripple apologizing to everyone for being in the way.
I hope he lets him land, gives him a warm welcome and lots of pictures.
What??? Are we going to throw a democracy under the bus to appease a dictator? We stand for FREEDOM, not appeasement.
19 days until we get rid of the biggest buffoon to EVER be president.
Is that cheering???