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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Is it Time to Go Back to 1787?

By Thornton Crowe

With all the hyperbole this last week from truculent Mayors and Governors, telling the Trump Administration they will continue to harbor illegal aliens, perhaps it's time for us to revisit the fiscal policies of our framers.

The fact is this, our founding fathers never saw the federal government as a cash cow for states. States were always meant to be self-supporting with their own exports to the union and beyond as well as taxation from its citizens in order to fix their own infrastructures, fund their education systems and oversee their communities' indigent population. Federal level's fiscal mission was to support the military and protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic. (Illegal Aliens by the framers' definitions fit into the enemies category as it is defined as a crime to enter the US illegally or overstay VISAs - like every other country on the planet.)

During the New Deal era, states became dependent on federal subsidiaries which allowed for their over-spending without consequence. A huge negative towards Franklin D. Roosevelt's feel-good attempt to quash the Great Depression - it actually prolonged it by a decade in the opinion of many historians. FDR began the state dependency which has continued to this day. Hence, why so many state agencies rely so heavily on federal grants that they should already have money to complete. Yet, even with this subsidiary cash flow, many state and local initiatives never get accomplished or take forever to complete - i.e. the continual construction on Route 13 near Salisbury University.

What makes mayors like Rahm Emanuel and Bill de Blasio so incredibly asinine is a couple of things (besides being looney liberals). 1) They have provided FBI Director James Comey his 'intent' by coming right out and announcing their intention to break the law and 2) states can be defunded very quickly and lack any constitutional premise to stand on. Being cut off from the federal piggy bank will no doubt cause the DTs (pun unintended) as cities like Chicago and New York are heavily addicted to the big cash flows from DC.

Contrary to their misinformed beliefs, the feds are not required to give them financial assistance - and quite frankly, assisting these large crime enclaves is very expensive. Should they cut their access to the coffers, it would allow more federal money to restore our military which is their responsibility in the first place. By cutting off these wayward money wasting states, the federal government would be in a much better financial position to defeat terrorism.

Immigration laws are on all levels of government; however, as any history scholar and Constitution attorney will tell you, federal law always usurps state and local law.  By denying to uphold federal immigration laws, these mayors (and governors) are "aiding and abetting" known criminals because all illegal aliens are committing a crime. There is no such thing as a law abiding illegal alien. It's impossible. Therefore, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are not engaged in some David and Goliath battle of moral statements but one of a person standing on the third rail with a freight train speeding right at them. No matter how much they put their hands up to stop, it will keep on coming until impact is achieved.

Perhaps it is time that all states be cut off the federal dole as it's clear with a $20T deficit, they can't afford to keep propping up states and their misuse of taxpayer money. This experiment was never designed to work this way and our deviation from it's original framework has only brought about sloven waste, misuse and abuse on all levels - including local.

Maybe it's time for states to do what everyone expects from the citizenry: learn to live within their monetary means. There is absolutely no reason for Trump's Administration to put a Trillion Smackaroos into infrastructure when states were constitutionally responsible for their own roads, bridges and other infrastructural assets. The only exception to this would be federal oversight and repair of the interstate system, but only because of it's promotion and aids in commerce; however, that should be it!

Don't you think it's time for states to belly up to the bar and have some skin in the game rather than engage in a losing game of chicken with our Constitution?


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Stop flushing our taxes. If you are not here legally, get out.

Anonymous said...

The Tenth Amendment reads as follows:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Constitution is very clear on what powers the US has and anything beyond those powers are reserved back to the States, or the People. This means roads, education and the sort. Charging us a tax in order to create and run such unconstitutional departments needs to be stopped, and monies should be retained by the States, not "spent on the military". If a tax is represented to pay for the Dept of Ed., then those funds need to be returned back to the States for their own BOE's the fed version be deleted. Same with roads. The highways have been built. Maintenance should be the responsibility of the States.

Tenth Amendment. It's the LAW.

Anonymous said...

Its time for States to stand on their own feet and quit draining the Federal government. Why don't people get it? All this welfare and stuff costs money. The Federal Reserve is charging us a fortune to print up money and we're writing checks we can't possibly cash! Wake Up America. Back to basics. Period.

Anonymous said...

The law has been circumvented for so long, people just think it's the norm for illegal aliens to be here - well, it's not normal and they need to be deported, every last one of them.

Anonymous said...

The law has been circumvented for so long, people just think it's the norm for government to break laws - well, it's not normal and they need to be prosecuted, every last one of them.


Anonymous said...

There is a need to restore the military so taxes are fine for that purpose but for education and everything else, States need to buck up. Federal Government isn't their welfare system.

Anonymous said...

10:36, I'm 8:59, and did not mean to imply to not fund and build up our military with tax dollars intended
for that purpose. I just meant the roads and education taxes need to be returned back to the States, not rerouted to other federal programs that are constitutional.

Just to be clear!

Anonymous said...

de Blasio and Rahm "the terrible" Immanuel are part of the Illuminati.
They are not stupid or duped. They are not "looney", they are evil.

We are facing a globalist agenda.
It works secretively through freemasonry and is literally worldwide in its footprint.
Noting is as it seems.

As above, so below.

Anonymous said...

It's clear who the bad guys are and what they are. Karl Marx water boys.

Anonymous said...

We're not going back. Think forward from where we are.

Anonymous said...

All Havens should be against Federal Law along with the
marijuana !!
Stop letting states and citys do as they please and follow
Federal Law for a change !!

Anonymous said...

You have to start over before you can move forward. Get outta the sticks! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Anonymous said...

All Gov should not be allowed to cherry pick or choose
what laws to Enforce .... and Not be allowed to Ignore or
disregard the Laws on the books ..they put there .. All
should Be Enforced !!! by Law should Have to be ....

Then there would be No Illegals here / No Marijuana sales
by states / No santuary Cities / etc etc

Gay rights and other matters should be Same in ALL States !!
Quit letting states do as they please and cities too......

Thornton Crowe said...

Congrats 5:59PM you just described a dictatorship. See now if you don't like what your state is doing you can move to another state. If we do what you're proposing, a person would have to move to another country. Do you still think that's such a hot idea! Think you might want to rethink your stance there. Either that or you're a liberal who believes in Big Brother mother state controlling every breath you take!

Anonymous said...

Your position is completely UN-AMERICAN.
Are you aware of that?

Do you understand what it means to have a Constitutional Republic?

We do not live in a democracy.
Democracy is evil.
Majority rules.
Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Fed Gov is over state level Gov ..Don't like it Tuff
Fed Gov not enforcing it's own Laws...Cherry Picking...
We did not make these laws ...but WE have to abide by them
so why Not the states ???
No dictatorship 7:48pm It is your own GOV .... Not me !!

Anonymous said...

Common Sense > you have a Federal Gov to Oversee the
states govs > and all need to be on the same page >
States are Not allowed to not obey the Federal Gov for
good reason....
Laws already on the books Not being enforced caused these
new problems recently popping up ... Cherry picking by Dems

We don't want our country going Communist or by Dictator >
that's why WE TAKING AMERICA BACK and MAKING IT GREAT again !!!!!!!!!!! and making Gov do Right > Drain the Swamp

Anonymous said...

7:58pm Democracy is Not evil ...what planet you living on ??
If you don't like it LEAVE !! The rest us us are Happy
here...we ain't leaving ...... catch that Truck to Canada !

Maybe You are Evil for saying such a thing ..............

Anonymous said...

yea 7:58 sounds like you are the unAmerican....
If you think our Democracy is Evil > try living in those
Dictator ran countrys and war zones ......You don't know
Evil are a fool......You don't want to know what
real Evil is.......You would be begging to come back if you
lived long Damn Glad you are here !!!

Anonymous said...

821, 816, and 809, you are all wrong. Our constitution provides us with a democratic Republic, not a Democracy. Look them up.

This means the 10th Amendment has balls, and is enforceable.

This means Thornton is right, and you all are totally wrong. There's nothing in the Constitution that gives the Fed power over education, roads, or much else. They have the power to have a post office, a military including a Navy, and set up the Executive, Judicial, and legislative branches.

That's about it, and the rest goes to the States.

Sorry to burst your Fed bubble!

Anonymous said...

states got the attitude nowadays that they can do as they please, cities too, that they can disregard the Higher
Level Federal government and the Laws already on the books

Sell Dope that alot of people went to prison for, in the
name of Taxes ...which Will ruin this country more....

Build more casinos to rip people off in the name of Taxes

Some for Gay rights ...some not... Get on the SAme Page !

Now Santuary Cities Defying our Laws already in Place...
Federal Laws..... What is next ???