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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Clashes over Dakota Access Pipeline escalate

Police and about 400 people who were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline clashed Sunday evening as demonstrators lit cars on fire and police launched tear gas and water at the crowds.

A live stream from the North Dakota location showed a chaotic, loud scene full of screaming and honking cars.

Protesters were attempting to cross the Backwater Bridge and go north on Highway 1806, according to the Morton County Sheriff's Department, which described Sunday's events as an "ongoing riot."

An estimated 400 protesters attempted to cross the bridge to go north on highway 1806.

Protesters set fire to two trucks and several parts of the bridge, police said. On Sunday night, police released a statement saying that the protesters "attempted to flank and attack the law enforcement line from the west," describing their actions as "very aggressive."



Anonymous said...

you didnt see this kind of reaction when the EPA released the water from that gold mine where it turned the river yellow.

Anonymous said...

this is a SIN!

Anonymous said...

And the rioters in Baltimore, whom were allowed to do whatever they desired, were not "very aggressive"?

Anonymous said...

We need to play "Cowboys and Indians" again with these people!

Anonymous said...

A group of white people peacefully sit in an abandoned federal building, no fires, no destruction of property, no threats, or violence and they are deemed terrorists and the media and liberals call for the feds to kill them.

American Natives and a misguided group of idiots destroy property, threaten and commit violence and they are called protesters and heroes. Yes racism is very much alive and well in this country and most of it is on the side of the liberals.

Funny how nobody has mentioned that the oil company offered I believe 8,000,000.00 to the tribe for the property, the tribe counter offered 10,000,000.00. When the oil company refused that is when all of a sudden the tribe decided they loved their land and didn't want the oil company there. The tribe has already in the past accepted money from the oil companies and there is an underground pipe system now. The only thing the oil company wants to do is put a new one in so there are no threats of leaks and other issues that could occur by using the old one. No, the Media isn't bias.

Anonymous said...

1:15 WOW
Actually, troll, the fires were set by the Police. The incident started when the PEACEFUL UNARMED Native Americans tried to move the debris out of the way and unblock the road.

You may try, going on facebook and seeing the constant LIVE FEED people are streaming.

It was below freezing and the police were using water cannons. They also are randomly shooting people in the head with rubber bullets.

You are an absolute idiot to believe anything the MSM is feeding you.

This is about the water and the land, it is THEIR land. It is OUR water. I hope you choke on your glass of oil polluted drink.

Educate yourself you flaming idiot.

Anonymous said...

1:15 this is not about "replacing" old pipe. You do not know what you are talking about.

Drinking that government paid narrative Koolaide again?

Anonymous said...

The oldest remains ever found in north America were European so these people are not properly classified as native Americans.

Anonymous said...

I watched live feed. Police did not set fires nor shot people in the head. Stupid comment. Clinton lost deal with it

Anonymous said...

3:14 I really don't care and those not educating themselves to our militarized police and what they are doing to unarmed citizens will deserve everything done to them.

You sheeple are a bit too daft to realize this is about more than land and water.
This is also about your government, and your dollars, paying and supporting law enforcement to protect corporations over people, corrupt corporations, banks, and the elite

Google Robert Kennedy no DAPL. He gave the greatest commentary ever on this subject. This is about control, corruption and pollution. This is not an asset to US. This will be an asset to foreign entities. As the USA turns away from coal and oil, our land and water will be destroyed and polluted to the benefit of the oil companies and bank who will sell this oil to impoverished nations. You will never see one benefit of this.

When you are done googling that, google "oil spills" or "broken pipelines" to see what the reality is.

You koolaid drinking sheeple are pathetically to lazy to educate yourself with the simplest of google searches.

It will be your future that will lose in this battle. Are you really that stupid to think that in the middle of winter these people are doing this for fun? Because up there it is winter.

Anonymous said...

3:31 PM POS liar. How do I know, you state no facts such as:

RT News is the only media correctly reporting this event.
They are using Kevin Gilbertt and Myron Dewey's footage.
I watched Kevins facebook live feed for 2 hours last night.
So did over 2 million other people.

TYT Politics on face book is also reporting people being shot in the head and face with rubber bullets, which can kill you.

enjoying that koolaid 3:31?

Anonymous said...

The young turks are also putting out verifiable information in support of the water protectors and gives you full details and what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Digital Smoke Signals on facebook is also doing a pretty good job covering it as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The young turks are also putting out verifiable information in support of the water protectors and gives you full details and what is going on.

November 21, 2016 at 4:25 PM

You and a couple of others don't know what you are talking about, and never will if you keep watching that tv show.

The last I heard it was a private force attacking these protesters. Using water cannons in freezing weather is not for displacement, it is for punishment. When you idiots have no water to drink or food to eat maybe then you will wake up. Right before you starve to death.

And another moron wants to commit genocide again. Stay classy.

Anonymous said...

6:39 what? first we say there are news sources telling the truth and supporting the water protectors and you say we don't know what we are talking about and they say what we said is correct? Huh? The young turks is not a tv show. Non of this is a tv show. Neither was Robert Kennedy's press conference at standing rock.

Yes they used water cannons, percussion grenades, rubber bullets, dogs, mace, and tear gas. Against unarmed protesters.

Did you have a point? or did you just want to hear your self talk.

The young turks have been to standing rock and has actual footage, so does Kevin Gilbertt, so does RT, so does Digital Smoke Signals and Unicorn Riot. All of them are on the ground at the camp, documenting human rights violations. You can see their LIVE FEED on facebook.

The vehicle they were trying to clear from the road was put there by the national guard to stop the flow of traffic to the camp. The protesters were trying to move the vehicles out of the way, and were then attacked by the armed guards. Yes some are hired guns, so are actual cops, some are the national guard.

Yes we need to pay attention, to all of this. Not only about the land, and the water but because our government has allowed this, they have created this, and they are attacking unarmed citizens against a corrupt corporation.

Anonymous said...

6:39, yes we do know what we are talking about, we watch the live feed every night. Do you?

Anonymous said...

November 21, 2016 at 10:17 PM

I misread part of the statement I commented on, for that I apologize.