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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday: Big News Day. Who Knew?

By Thornton Crowe

Just in from several sources along with the one above, Donald Trump's Administration is urging all ambassadors from several countries -- most concentrated on Haiti and Colombia -- to investigate the Clinton Foundation for their crimes against the people in their countries.

NY Post:“Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,” said the source."

It is no secret that over the last week, Norway and Australia have drastically reduced their donations to the nefarious foundation. After the publication of Clinton Cash, donations dropped by a staggering 37%. Why? Anyone can safely deduce the gig is up; however, now with her failure to become president, donors will not be promised anything more than speeches. Drying up the political collateral will mean no access to US resources in the Clinton Pay to Play schema has many predicting a further fall in donations as time marches on

What it means for all the investigators is his defunding provides them with more evidence to the real nature of the so-called charity. Right now it goes as follows: New York City, Little Rock, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Los Angeles and Miami FBI and AG offices are currently engaged in separate investigations, while the IRS is looking into them from their Dallas, Texas office. It has been confirmed all these investigations are still going full throttle.

In other news, Michigan just certified votes; hence, Jill Stein's bid for a recount looks highly unlikely. Certification goes as follows: ** Due to Google Censoring Alternative News sources, you will have to click through to the article as they've put up a fake warning about the Truth Division website in an effort to stop people from going to other sources other than mainstream media which isn't reporting this information on orders from Clinton's people.

2,279,543 Donald J. Trump, Republican 
2,268,839 Hillary Clinton, Democratic 
172,136 Gary Johnson, Libertarian
51,463 Jill Stein, Green

Regarding Pennsylvania, Stein and Clinton will have to go before a judge and present ironclad proof there was voter fraud in the state before any recount is granted. However, given the fact that Stein's donations for the recount are coming from Clinton directly has been outed earlier today.

All the donations $165K per hour were being dumped into the GoFund from a server located in Chautauqua, NY -- where the Clintons have a server (once again) in their home. The donations are also coming from the same locale over a T-Mobile Cellphones. Therefore, this is far from some grassroots efforts on behalf of disgruntled voters and all the workings of Clintons/Soros.

The hiccup came when the same amount was being deposited on the hour every hour, but also didn't allow for deviation in people usage which goes down between 3am-6am EST (when most people sleep on both coasts.)

The graph was compiled by the BBC/HNN News Organization. The orange line in center that's flat is the donations coming into Jill Stein's account.

UPDATE: The Recount is now being called a false flag to try to marginalize Trump's win and discredit his election like they did with George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. This we've seen before. Keep your heads together and carry on!

Things are getting very interesting, folks. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. We're in for a fun two months!


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No more pay to play. Lock her up!!!!

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What about foster records went missing in fed's info building.

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Did Trump or Thornton Crowe write Columbia? There is no such country...

Thornton Crowe said...

8:53PM thanks for the typo check. Forgot to take my perfect pill... I'll remember to take it tomorrow.

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Seems like it would be easy to prove voter fraud in Pennsylvania. After all, "confession is good for the soul"!