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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Baltimore Expected to Approve Law Banning Possession of ‘Replica’ Guns

A Baltimore police detective shot and wounded 14-year-oldDedric Colvin earlier this year during a foot chase. Police say they gave chase and ultimately fired shots after seeing Colvin carrying a weapon that appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol. After the shooting, however, officers discovered the weapon was actually a BB pistol modeled after a popular type of semi-automatic handgun. Authorities ruled the shooting was justified and no charges were filed against the officer.

If the aftermath of the incident, the Baltimore City Council decided that it wanted to do more to prevent another similar incident from happening.

How do they plan to achieve their goal?

By passing a citywide ban on the possession of toy or replica guns that appear similar to real handguns and rifles.



Anonymous said...

Lol the thugs own the real thing.

Anonymous said...

That should work out just as well as the ban on real guns does in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

You shoot a child in the back thats running away from you....and you want to blame it on a toy?

Anonymous said...

11:35 IIRC the gun the kid was carrying had been modified to look more real. If I'm wrong, I'll stand corrected.

What kind of genius do you have to be as a teenager in Baltimore to carry a phony firearm? What conceivable excuse can you dredge up?

His equally bright friends on the council should get on the brains transplant list at Hopkins if they think regulating faux firearms will solve any problem.