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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some African-Americans Cautiously Welcome Donald Trump’s Election

A significant number of African-Americans in New York are cautiously supporting President-elect Donald Trump, according to a writer in the Wall Street Journal.

The article by Jason Riley illustrates some of the reasons Trump won far more support from African-Americans on Nov. 8 than did the 2012 candidate, Gov. Mitt Romney. According to the flawed exit polls, he was supported by one-in-sex African-American men nationwide.

This may come as a shock to the political left, but not everyone who opposed Donald Trump is as angry or despondent as the demonstrators who grabbed headlines nationwide over the past week or the pundits who intellectualized the Democratic hissy fit.

On Monday I took a stroll around New York City’s Harlem neighborhood …

“Hillary wasn’t strong enough. She didn’t fight enough,” said a gentleman leaving a drugstore, who introduced himself as Pace. “People saw her as weak and thought she’d be weak in the White House.”


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Anonymous said...

Same story on historically opposition-minded populations in every election. Move on. Get with the program.