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Saturday, October 29, 2016

'Rude' CNN Reporter Asks Trump Why He's Taking Time Off To Open A Hotel

GOP nominee Donald Trump took time out of a relentless campaign schedule Wednesday to spend around an hour opening a new hotel, prompting one CNN reporter to accuse Trump of “taking time out of swing states.” Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is again nowhere to be seen.

CNN’s Dana Bash suggested that Trump should be more concerned with campaigning in swing states, yet Trump had three campaign stops scheduled for the same day.
Dana Bash: Is your DC hotel opening free advertising?
Donald Trump: “No, not at all” 
“So to people who say you’re taking time out of swing states to go do this, you say?” Bash asked.

“I say the following: You have been covering me for the last — long time. I did yesterday eight stops and three major speeches, and I’ve been doing this for weeks straight,” Trump responded.

“For you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because Hillary Clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps. And yet you’ll ask me that question. I think that’s a very rude question, to be honest with you.” Trump exclaimed.



Anonymous said...

Ask hillary why she went to a Beyonce concert ?? Typical one sided liberal idiots.

Anonymous said...

So Hillary needs to take a week off to recover after standing at a podium for 90 minutes and that's okay.

Anonymous said...

Dana Bash is in the tank for Hillary. They all try to embarrass Trump. Glad he called her out.

Anonymous said...

She and all the liberal media was in shock over the FBI 's latest revelation,Anderson Cooper looked like he wanted to cry.

Anonymous said...

Hillary has hostel country's giving her millions and pledging BILLIONS for pay to play. Trump actually has to work for his money. And he built it in AMERICA employing thousands.

Anonymous said...

Dana Bash looked very amateur-ish with that BS question. Hell, MSM has been giving Trump FREE and constant advertising for the last year. One of the reasons why the businessman has spent minimally on his quest. Remember, he's paying HIMSELF for use of his own plane. Election/candidate rules. Bet that rule will change with the next election.

Not too much longer; it will be over and Obama will pardon Hillary!

TRUMP 2016