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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is it Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? Photo has the internet stumped

The internet can’t resist a good optical illusion. It never could. Who could forget the infamous blue-and-black (no! white-and-gold) dress? People debated over the hues of those horizontal stripes for months. Then, of course, there was the viral “hot dogs or legs” craze. And now, a photo of a celebrity, snapped by a fan way back in 2012, has the internet befuddled all over again.

The photo, taken by a woman named Laura Michele Ross at the Alfred Dunhill Links golf competition in Scotland four years ago, was posted to the Facebook page “Reasons My Son is Crying” in 2013, and now it is suddenly making the rounds in every crevice of the web.

The photo shows one of the A-list celebrities at the tournament mimicking a baby as he cries. And at first, the Twittersphere seemed positive that celebrity was Tom Hanks.


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Anonymous said...

Golf is Bill Murray.