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Friday, September 30, 2016

UPDATED: Route 12 In Snow Hill Closed

Route 12 in Snow Hill is currently closed to traffic due to a gas leak and high water. Please use alternate routes.

UPDATE: The State Highway Administration is currently working to close Route 12 in Wicomico County @ Airport Road and at the drawbridge in Snow Hill. District engineers are on site looking at partial road collapse at two locations. Traffic Detours are being put in place. There are several roadways with standing water. Be careful in your travels home this evening.


Anonymous said...

No upkeep of our infrastructure = THIS!

Anonymous said...

The road washout just north of Mount olive Rd is no surprise they had barrels on the shoulder for 2 years because the pipe was bad they even blacktoped over the dip in the road in December in the snow which was wrong to start with why not fix it before they blacktoped now it came back to bite them in the ass another waste of taxpayers money all state roads trucks do is ride around with 4 men picking up dead cats and animals another screw up Donnie Drewer